The OCEANEARS Product Line

O. E. Enterprises is the world's premier on-line source for high quality underwater speakers,
underwater loudspeakers, hydrophones, acoustic diver recall systems, U.S. Navy approved diver
signaling devices, underwater speaker arrays for Homeland Security Programs  and synchronised
swimming sound systems.

               ACOUSTIC DIVER RECALL SYSTEMS                                              


must be the foremost concern for dive boat operators around the WORLD.
Our Acoustic Diver Recall Systems use state of the art underwater speakers and standard
off-the-shelf electronics, resulting in a cost effective system for a variety of uses in DIVER RECALL.

Portable Sound Systems for Synchronised Swimming

        Stagepas600i Portable Sound System

OCEANEARS 2000 Synchronized Swimming Sound System
The Oceanears 2000 Synchronized Swimming Sound System is for the synchronized
swimming team that wants to host major Synchro events into the next millennium. Equipped
with variable speed CD player.  Custom Built.

                          OCEANEARS 2000 Sound System       

Portable Underwater Speakers and Underwater Loudspeakers

Oceanears low-cost underwater speakers and loudspeakers are designed for use in diver
recall systems, synchronised swimming sound systems, marine mammal recording and playback
sound systems and any other system needing a hi-quality, low-cost means of projecting sounds

                    2013 DRS-8 Speaker

Built-In Swimming Pool Underwater Loudspeakers
The Oceanears  SP-8 swimming pool loudspeaker uses "sonic-bulb" technology to deliver
GREAT UNDERWATER MUSIC.  Simply remove an existing swimming pool light fixture and
install a sonic bulb in the wet niche to enjoy your favorite tunes underwater!   SP-8 installed
in PENTAIR Stainless Steel Wet Niche with stainless steel front grille.

                         SP-8 installed in wet niche.  


OCEANEARS 3 Element Underwater Speaker Vertical Line Array for HOMELAND SECURITY Port Protection Underwater Communication System for the U.S. Coast
Guard -- MSST's.

                           OCEANEARS 3 Element Vertical Array.

Array as used by Mobile Safety and Security Teams (MSST)  for
Homeland Port Protection -- Enhanced Underwater Loudhailer (eLOUD). Also used
in the ENFORCER Underwater Communication & Diver Disruption System being
developed in the UK.


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