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Stagepas600i Portable Sound System


                                SYNCHRO  SOUND  SYSTEM

 for high quality, hi-fidelity
synchronised swimming  sound systems!
with the "GOLD MEDAL WINNING" RUSSIAN Synchronised
Swimming Federation
and synchro teams around the WORLD!!!
                                           RUSSIAN SYNCHRO LOGO

 OFFICIAL SPONSOR and Synchro Sound System Supplier for 1997 and 2004
 FINA Junior SYNCHRO World Championships in Moscow, RUSSIA.
 System  SUPPLIER for FINA Junior Synchro World Championships
 in Indianapolis, IN in 2010.


Manufactures high-quality underwater speaker, underwater speakers, hydrophones,
diver recall systems, U.S. Navy approved diver signaling devices and synchronised
swimming sound systems for the synchronised swimming community and the ocean
industry around the world.

                        2000, 2004 and 2008 RUSSIAN OLYMPIC
                                    DUET GOLD MEDALISTS

                                        A. Ermakova and A. Davydova
                        Russian Synchro DUET   (A. Ermakova and  A. Davydova)
                       give OCEANEARS Products a PERFECT SCORE of 100.000.
                 (Photo provided by the RUSSIA Synchronised Swimming Federation.)

                                                       DOLPHIN  RESEARCH
                                        Dolphin Research

                              OCEANEARS products involved in Serious Dolphin Research.
                                            Photo courtesy of DOLPHIN DISCOVERY.

is the LEADER in Developing LOW COST Underwater Speaker Arrays for use in systems to communicate at LONG RANGES with VOICE instructions by means of an underwater PA System to potential TERRORIST SCUBA DIVERS detected in a RESTRICTED AREA by a low cost underwater threat detection System used by Mobile Safety and Security Teams (MSST'S) to protect AMERICAN Ports and Harbors.

OCEANEARS Underwater Speaker Arrays are in use in the Enhanced Underwater Loudhailer (eLOUD) being developed in the USA and the "ENFORCER" Underwater Communication & Diver Disruption System being developed in the UK.

The intent of the Diver Disruption System is to make any potential TERRORIST DIVER get sick and not able to function while underwater and to force them to the surface for interception by Mobile Safety and Security Teams who have been tracking the diver's location with SONAR Systems.

Our underwater speakers and underwater loudspeakers can be used in underwater PA Systems, diver recall systems, SCUBA diver signaling devices and as underwater sound sources for marine mammal research
(dolphins anbd whales).  They can be used by research scientists, recreational SCUBA Divers, military dive teams, MSST's and by anyone who is concerned with diver safety, Homeland Security and underwater
acoustics.  They can also be used by synchronised swimming teams around the WORLD.

OCEANEARS has teamed with ESYNCHRO so we can provide the BEST underwater speakers, synchro sound systems, Training Manuals, books, Seminar and Training clinics for synchro teams around the US and WORLD!!!

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